8 heath benefits of drinking water in copper

8 Health Benefits of Drinking Water from Copper

As we know, water is one of the most important elements of life. Without water, there would be no life! Transparent, odorless, colorless, and tasteless, water is essential for most living organisms even though it is a known fact that the liquid does not have any organic nutrients in it. Furthermore, the human body relies heavily on the water since it uses this fluid for almost all vital body functions. For example, 60 to 70% of our body is made up of water. What’s more, human blood is 90% water.

Our previous generations have advised us to drink water from the copper vessel for ages to get multiple health benefits. Perhaps, you might have noticed that most of our elders drink water from copper bottles, but the current generation has now switched to plastic or other metal bottles (steel).

You might have observed the current generations get sick from a very early age, and there are various reasons behind that. And one of the reasons is water, instead of drinking water from Copper vessels they prefer Plastic bottles which are harmful to your body. Those small plastic molecules harm your body which can later cause cancer. 

The time has come when you start thinking about your health; even a small change can do miracles.

Before focusing on the advantages of drinking water in the copper bottle, let us highlight the importance of copper.

The health benefits of drinking water from copper are numerous. For example, Copper works with iron to help the body form red blood cells. It also helps keep the blood vessels, nerves, immune system, and bones healthy. Copper also aids in iron absorption.

Wait, this is just the beginning; we have a lot to tell about the benefits of drinking water from the copper vessels. So kindly read till the end.

Featuring 8 Health Benefits of Drinking Water from Copper

  1. Copper Improves Digestion

Copper has natural antibacterial properties, and thus it helps kill harmful bacteria in the stomach, which improves your digestion. And if your digestion improves automatically, you will be away from health issues. It is also an outstanding remedy for skin infection. You should drink stored water in a copper vessel for detoxification. The copper mineral gets into the water when you store water in a copper vessel. The copper-rich water breaks down the food molecules in your body and helps in improving digestion. If you want to keep your digestive system healthy, start drinking copper-infused water is one way of doing it.

  1. Copper Helps in Proper Functioning of Thyroid Glands

If you have hypothyroidism, you can consider drinking water from copper vessels regularly. Copper ensures that your thyroid gland is functioning correctly; any imbalance will be cured. It also ensures there is no high secretion or less secretion from the thyroid gland. Lack of copper can cause thyroid malfunction. However, too much copper is also harmful. Anything excess is detrimental to our bodies.

  1. Copper Helps in Weight Loss

Well, we know more than half of the population is struggling from being overweight. The simple science is that copper helps to keep your digestive system healthy, and when the digestive system performs better, it will break the fat stored in your body. The broken-down fat will go out from your body.

Therefore, you might have heard from elders that consuming water from the copper vessels in the morning helps weight loss. If you control your diet, perform some exercise and drink water from copper vessels, trust us, you will see the difference in a few months.

  1. Copper Helps Cardiovascular System

Copper helps clean plaque and dilate the blood vessels to increase the blood flow to the heart. However, many studies have proved that lack of copper in your body can result in the dysfunction of the heart muscles, leading to insufficient blood pumping and the inability to respond correctly to stress.

  1. Copper Boosts Immunity & Heals Wounds 

Copper is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-viral properties, and anti-bacterial. In addition, you can use copper-infused water to heal wounds much faster.

Another health benefit of drinking Copper water is the strengthening of the immune system. As a result, copper helps in quicker healing of external wounds and aids in fighting against any internal infection.

  1. Copper Beats Arthritis And Inflamed Joints

This property of copper can be used for getting relief from pain due to inflamed joints. So, if you have arthritis or inflamed joints, drinking water in a copper vessel can be the perfect remedy for you.

  1. Copper Stimulates the Brain Function

Our brain transmits impulses from one neuron to another through synapses covered by a myelin sheath. Copper helps in the synthesis of phospholipids that are vital for the formation of these sheaths. Therefore, when you drink copper water stored in a copper vessel, the impulses flow faster, thus improving your brain efficiency.

  1. Copper Fights Against Cancer

Copper is a known antioxidant, which means it fights off all the free radicals and negates their adverse effects. Free radicals and their harmful effects have been significant causes of cancer in the human body. On the other hand, copper also helps in the production of Melanin, which gives color to one’s skin and eyes and protects one from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

How to Drink Water from the Copper Vessel, Correctly and Safely?

Drinking water from a copper vessel is very beneficial for your health, as we discussed above. But, just drinking water from a copper vessel is not enough; to get the maximum benefits, you should know some crucial tips that can maximize the health benefits of drinking water from copper.

  • Buy the copper vessel from the authentic copper seller. Chirag Pure Copper is one of the authentic stores to buy copper vessels. Remember, you will get the benefits only if you use 100% pure copper vessels.
  • After you purchase a new copper vessel, don’t drink water. First, wash with a natural acidic solution. You can also use salt and lemon for cleaning the copper vessels.
  • If you pour water and drink water, immediately it won’t help you. To get the benefits, you need to store water for at least 4-6 hours, and then you can drink the water.
  • Avoid drinking water that has been stored in a copper vessel for more than 15 hours.
  • Don’t put soft drinks in the copper vessels.

Final Thoughts

The Ancient Indian practice had thought about the importance of drinking water in a copper vessel. Drinking water from the copper vessels rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul, which will also help to look much younger, and there will always be a refreshed look on your face. So instead of using steel or plastic bottles, switch to copper vessels and start a healthy journey. 

We at Chirag Pure Copper propose a unique solution for a healthy life by introducing our range of innovative and designer Copper vessels, including Jugs, Bottles, Matka, and offers the entire range of Copper that is used in Indian families.

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