How to Check if Copper is Genuine?

We know the benefits of copper. In our Vedas, it has been told if you drink water from copper vessels, you stay fit and healthy for a longer time. But it is only beneficial when you drink water from real copper. So in the market nowadays, it’s quite difficult to trust any copper look vessel.

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We know one thing is going on in your mind, how to check if the copper is genuine or counterfeit? Well, to get the maximum benefits from copper, here are some tips to check the originality of the copper metal before purchasing it.

We all know that to make profits, few companies are selling fake products, which should be stopped at any cost. Apart from this, every customer should check things on their own and be aware of the genuineness of the product you are purchasing.

Therefore stay with us till the end.

1.   Copper Magnet Test

One of the easiest ways to check if a metal is a real copper or not is by doing a magnet test. Copper isn’t magnetic and thus doesn’t have the property of attracting a magnet like iron. So, if you place it near the bottle and the magnet doesn’t get attracted, you know it’s real copper. However, try a few other tests to make sure you’re absolutely correct. We are listing down below.

2.   Check Copper Color

An original copper bottle has a mix of pink or, we can say, orange tone on its surface. However, the problem arises when copper metal becomes dirty and starts exhibiting an orange, red or yellowish tone. Then it becomes really difficult to find out if it’s genuine or fake. So, in this case, make sure to clean the copper bottle properly, and if it does end up showing a pinkish undertone, you have original copper at your hand. If you see some different color, then you might be carrying a fake product in your hand.

3.   Sound Test of Copper Metal

Another way to find if your copper vessel is genuine or not is to test its sound.  Copper is one of the most delicate metals and thus is very hard to work with without getting it dented. It means you can press the metal and end up denting the metal. While making a dent by pushing the metal with your thumb on the surface, or you can tap on the metal, and if you hear the deep and smooth sound, then it’s a real copper and if you hear a tinny kind of sound, then it’s fake.

4.   Search for Blue-Green Spots on Copper

Real Copper turns blue-green when exposed to the elements. These blue-green spots are known as patina and help prevent long-term corrosion. If you notice this blue-green patina on your copper product, you can be assured that it’s made with real copper. But if your copper vessels are new, you won’t find any spot on the surface of the metal.

5.   Find Some Imperfections on the Copper Surface

As you know, copper is a soft metal; you can even bend the metal with some pressure. If your copper vessels are perfectly in shape and molded with perfection, then chances are it’s a fake product. If you find some dents, or you can even try to rub the surface if it’s smooth enough, then avoid buying that product.

6. Water Test

A pure copper bottle will change the taste of the water, therefore you can check by this water test whether your copper bottle is genuine or not. First of all, keep the water in the copper bottle for a few hours. And then consume it. If your water tastes different and it feels like copper has been added to the water then it’s the real copper bottle. And if your bottle doesn’t change the taste of water then it’s not the original copper bottle, that’s why we always recommend buying from reputed sites or markets. 

7. Measure the density

Test your own copper bottle with a multimeter to see if the resistance rating measures up. Calibrate your multimeter to “ohms”—this is the scientific unit that measures resistance, and is represented by the Greek letter omega. Adjust the multimeter to the lowest possible setting, and place both the red and black probe tips on your bottle. Then, check the resistance rating—if it reads as 1.7 x 10⁻⁸, you can be sure that your bottle is made with genuine copper.

8.   Shop From Reputed Place

Online shops may claim to sell pure copper bottles but may sell knock-offs. Buy from a trustworthy copper seller for high-quality, authentic goods instead of changing it with a company you’re unsure about.

If you do buy a copper bottle online, double-check the customer reviews first. Also, check the company’s background before you buy.

Chirag Pure Copper has been continuously delivering pure copper vessels for many years, it is also one of the oldest suppliers of copper vessels in Pune, Maharashtra. You can buy authentic and genuine copper utensils online here, without a second thought.

To get the maximum benefits, it is always recommended to store water in a copper vessel for a few hours. This is because you can feel some sort of change in the taste that’s because of the copper. On the other hand, consuming water in plastic bottles is dangerous because the small molecules of plastic entering your body can harm your health and can even cause cancer. Therefore stop using plastic or fancy bottles and start healthy living from today.

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