Leading manufacturers of premium copper utensils

We have been thriving in this sector for a very long time. You can find a wide range of copper utensils and vessels like glasses, bottles, handa, matka, water dispensers, and filters. For storing water, pujas, and essential ritual vessels, or just for decoration, you can get all kinds of copper vessels at our place. We are a team of skilled and experienced employees who dedicate efforts to generating an excellent product. At Palesha Metal, there is no space for any error. From selecting copper to manufacturing, every step is undertaken with complete scrutiny to avoid any faulty product. We take immense pride in the excellence that we generate. Our products are proof of our determination to generate the best for our customers.

Chirag Pure Copper's Capsule Matka

How We Shaped!

Palesha Metal was started in the year 1995 by Ramesh Palesha. It was his dedication and hard work that made Palesha Metal what it is today. Within a few years of establishment, we made our place in the market because of our products’ brilliancy and range.

His son Hira Palesha has taken over the responsibilities to lead us towards success with his modern and innovative strategies. He follows in his father’s footsteps but at the same time keeps up with the evolving market to widen the copper utensils production and sales.


Our Vision & Mission

Our copper products have both economic and medicinal benefits. The purification of water by copper vessels has been proven scientifically. We aim to provide our products to a broader section of people. And to achieve this goal, we export our products to various cities of India.

To ensure the highest quality of products, we only select premium copper and standard equipment and tools. Our customer satisfaction is our priority, and our employees put all their effort into achieving it.